Fullo Chocolate Wafer Stick

Now, Fullo Chocolate comes with new look and packaging! With everlasting crispiness in every bite of its wafer stick and yummy real chocolate cream. It’s full of cream, with no space left unfilled, makes you addicted. 

Fullo with No Hole, It’s very Full! Come and try this new chocolate wafer stick!! Yummy!! 

Comment here if you want to order this!! And follow our instagram: sweetandglamz.. 


Monica said...

looks yummy! is that imported or local lang? hindi ko pa kasi nakikita yan sa groceries eh...i want to try, hehe...

misspinay said...

Yes it looks yummy.. Imported siya galing Indonesia sis.. You can order from me sis.. If you have instagram and look for sweetandglamz :)

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