My angels

I never thought having two kids is really special. They are my strength to go on coz' they made me better and alive. Being a mom is a challenge coz' it's difficult to look after them when they grow up. Look at them, they grow so well and very healthy.. I'm really happy that my children are my source of life hehe..

Oh well, time so fast I couldn't update my blog coz' I don't have time to open my laptop. I have no maid so I'm the only one will do all the work at home and my kids too


Yes, I'm pregnant

Yes, I'm pregnant with second baby.. As you can see the picture above, there's additional member of our family.

I took this shot as a announcement of a baby's gender. My daughter holds the banner and says 
"I'm getting promoted to BIG SISTER". 

Yes, I'm having a baby boy.. ^_^ Looking forward to this cutie baby hehehe..